Thursday, January 15, 2009

News from Austria

A small post without pictures, since I only have internet access in a local internet cafe, but you are not allowed to upload pictures.
The snow is perfect here in Königsleiten, the sun was shining but since yesterday a fog entered the valley and it started snowing, so teh wether turned a bit.
Nic had lessons since Monday and he was sooooo nervous. The quickly passed once he learned that the teacher spoke dutch and that most of the kids in his group were dutch. He had to ski and was allowed to ski with a higher group, and he did very well.
Yesterday the had a slalom contest and he was so focused on doing well that he forgot his speed, so he came in seventh, but he didn t fall and he passed the flags the correct way.
We then left him since it was snowing hard and Ruben was getting snowed in. Around 14.50 we returned and we just could see that Nic s group was coming down and that Nic felle and could t get up.
By the time the reached us, I could hear him cry for me. It turned out that after lunch they went to the highest point being, Königsleitenspitze (2315 m) and came down, it took the kids two hours to get back to Königsleiten (1600 m), so Nic was completely exhausted, poor thing, he was the youngest in the group, the oldest was 11 years.... so maybe it was a bit high fedged for him, but he did well.
At 16.00 there was the official end of the course and the small ones all got a medallion, so Nic was all proud and won t take the thing off...
We are very proud of him. Tomorrow morning we go riding with a horse drawn carriage in the snow and tomorrow evening, we have to pack so we can leave on Saturdaymorning.
So few time, so much to do...

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