Thursday, January 01, 2009

January 1st

OK, so we survived 2008 with all our fingers and eyes and are all save and sound. As you can see I have real boys, who love fireworks. They spent an hour outside last night watching DH and his friends lighting fireworks.
We were one minute late looking for an accurate clock at our friends home, LOL, but we had a wonderful evening.
And according to Dutch tradition, we ate Oliebollen (the dark brown ones) and Appelflappen. Not really my cup of tea,but these were from a friend of ours that has a bakery and they have tasty ones. They received a 7/10 for their oliebollen. Last year they were the best Oliebollen bakery.

And according to Belgian tradition our children gave their best wishes for the New Year in the form of a Nieuwjaarsbrief. It is a poem that they memorize and tell to their godparents, grandparents and parents and they expect a little financial stimulanse for it. So here they are at breakfast.

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