Thursday, January 08, 2009

Leaving for ski holiday

Just letting you know that we are leaving for one week of snow fun in Austria. Normally tomorrow I would have the day off to prepare everything, doing the laundry, packing the suitcases, but nothing ever goes as you plan.
I was called by school during lunch that Peter was sick and needed to be picked up, since I was at work in a client´s company, I told the people there the situation and the told me it was offcourse OK to leave. So I rushed home, but now I have to go back tomorrow morning to finish the work.
When I got to school, Peter was lying on a bed so I picked him up and we went to Nic´s class to get him as well, since I wouldn´t be able to pick him us a couple of hours later if Peter was sick.
But he wanted to stay in school so his teacher proposed to bring him home after school.
And she will also pick him up tomorrow morning. Isn´t that sweet? She is a wonderful teacher. Nic and we are very lucky with her.
So tomorrow afetrnoon I will load up the car and we will be on our merry way. I will pack my craft things as well, so if it snows, I will stay comfy in our chalet.
I will try to post from Austria - provided I find an internet connection.

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  1. My husband and daughter went to Austria yesterday for skiing and snowboarding!
    I hear the conditions are very good.
    Have a great time.


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