Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mushroom swap

This morning I went to the post office to pick up this parcel. Because we weren´t at home when he came by there was a note in the mailbox. It said a parcel for den Heijer, it didn´t say a forename. So this morning in the postoffice, the lady behind the counter refused to give me the parcel, because she said that it mentioned den Heijer on teh note. And my maidenname is Aerts. But on my ID card, it said Aerts, married to den Heijer. But she said that is was cleraly a parcel for my husband, and that I couldn´t pick it up... so I went home quite frustrated...
My husband went to the postoffice and showed the note and the lady left the counter and somebody else helped him out. What turned out? It said on teh parcel Margy den Heijer... so she gives the parcel to my husband who says, I am not Margy den Heijer, as you can see on my ID card. My wife was in here fifteen minutes ago and she was refused the parcel...
The lady said nothing and justed handed over the parcel. So I am no going to write a complaint... I am fed up with Belgian Post.
But the parcel is lovely. It was form Maria who was my swap parnter in a mushroom swap. She made three mushrooms for each of my sons. Thank you very much Maria, the boys love them.

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  1. the mushrooms are so cute! I would be vey frustrated if I happened to have an experience with the post office like that.


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