Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Finally I restored my camera connection with the computer, but now my computer has funny streaks... I don´t know what to think, it is sluggish, and sometimes refuses to go to certain websites... I think it is time for a back-up and a good clean-up.

So, what have I been up to... This week is my first week off for maternity leave. I went to hospital this morning, where I had to wait for 3,5 hours for a 30 minutes scan... But OK, this can happen. And the doctor told me that we will induce next week. No, I won´t tell when, just that it is next week. I will let you know when the baby is born.

So this first pic is the matroyshka doll I made for a swap and she should be on it´s way or maybe even already arrived at her new home.

This little doll is the doll I made for Nic´s kindergarten teacher for the end of the schoolyear. He found it looked like hime and he gave me a new assignment... Nic wants a spider man doll. Will have to think how I will make that.
These are the goodies I received from my swap partner. It is a wonderful dottee matroyska doll with baby. I love it, she looks fabulous. Thank you, Jennifer.
And these are some goodies that I bought yesterday during the sales that started here in belgium. In Belgium ´sales´ start on July 1st for all stores together, so I went to Zara Home and they had some gorgeous doorknobs, which I couldn´t resist for the nursery. I also bought a hand crocheted baby blanket in red and white and a red and whit polka dot pillowcase.

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  1. Lovely things Margy! Glad the hair crochet worked out ok - the doll looks great!


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