Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PIF present

This morning a wonderful surpise awaited me. This beautiful ´Bade dag ´ (washing day in Norwegian) mini quilt was waiting for me in my mailbox. It is from Laila in norway. Thank you very much for this wonderful little quilt and the cute socks for Ruben. Since he has very cold feet, they will come in handy.

Update on Ruben, a nurse came by the house and performed a hearing test on Ruben, which was OK, so now we know that he can hear, let´s wait and see if he also can listen... But she was a bit worried about his weight. He has gained weightbut not enough so we will start with one bottle of formula at night and see if he starts gaining weight. This (gain weight) is something DH and I have never heard, LOL. Ruben had to gain at least 100 grams by next week, so we will do our best.


  1. Its a gorgeous quilt.
    I love the colours on it.

  2. Hello. I'm so glad you like the quilt .I hope Ruben is going to be just fine. Give him a hug from me. ;-)


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