Saturday, July 19, 2008

Etsy warning!

I order a lot of stuff from the etsy site and I have met wonderful sellers out their. Their work is gorgeous and they always delivered on time.
At the end of June I ordered from ´chocolatelollipop´ some bibs for my expecting baby and I have received nothing. I contacted the seller to verify whether the goods were lost in the mail or if the seller wasn´t able to go through with the sale. No answer what so ever. I since have tried to contact the seller on several occasions and ultimately filed a non-delivery to etsy.
I also contacted paypal to resolve the matter and ultimately filed a claim, which was granted yesterday in my favour, however, no money back, since the seller has no money in its account.
I now that etsy forbids to name perticular names and transactions but I think I am in my right to name this seller. I have paid money for which I have to work hard, this seller accepted my money and didn´t deliver and chooses not to reply to my messages to come to a resolution. I think this seller should banned from etsy, since I have seen that the seller continues to do this.
What do you think? Am I unfair to claim this?
Be warned...


  1. No you are not unfair to claim at all.
    You have paid for an item that has not arrived.
    Had the seller replied to your emails maybe it would be different.

    Such a shame when these things happen.

  2. Finally someone that understands my point. If the seller responded to my mails and gave me an explanation it would be different. But since he or she does not respond, I think it is a big fraud and Etsy should ban such sellers... Because I am not the only one that has paid and didn´t get stuff.


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