Monday, July 28, 2008


This weekend we went to Rijnsburg in Holland. It is a town near Katwijk, which is a small sea side town. It is not very crowded in the summer time so it is very relaxed to go to the beach in Katwijk. Some of our friends were also at the beach, so we and the kids had a great time yesterday. It was not to hot but it felt great.

We left around 5.30 pm and by the time we packed all our stuff, Nic was gone, we couldn´t find him anywhere and the beach was not very populated, so for a moment my heart made overtime, all our friends helped looking for Nic and finally he was found by the site of the road where we agreed to meet with the car... For some reason he understood that we were leaving and started the walk to the road, and both Niels and I missed that he left... It happened in less than a minute, so this was a great lesson for us.

We agreed to go to the beach today as well, but it rained, so we drove back home. When we arrived back home, I found these packages in the mailbox...

And this is what was inside. Nita, I love all your stuff, it is all so cute. My DH liked the bunny very much. Thank you very much, it is gorgeous, and I will find a nice place for it in the nursery.

Nita made Ruben a little cushion with a R, a toadstool rattler and a cute little bunny. Here they are with Ruben.
And the previous post was my 150th, and since only two persons gave a comment I will make them both a lottle something for my giveaway. Can you both please given my your snail mail addresses? You can mail me at: denheijer00(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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  1. Ooooh lucky me and Miaou! I will email you.
    I had to quickly come over from Neets blog as I saw that she had put pictures on of your gifts.
    I'm sure Ruben will love them.


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