Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finished small project

Here is an update on Ruben, this is him. He is doing very well and he also eats very well, so no problems thre. he is a very nice little boy that doesn´t cry much, so mummy has time to do some crafting.

I finished this frog for Nic, he hasn´t seen it yet, since he is staying over at his grandparents in Holland.

This morning Ruben stayed at my parents since I went to the hairdresser, which was a very necessary thing, I wanted to go before the delivery, but that didn´t turn out they way I wanted, so I went now and I am very happy with my new short haircut.


  1. Oh he is absolutely adorable.
    My youngest is only 7 months but I do miss that tiny baby cuteness!

    The frog is very sweet too.

  2. Oh isn't he lovely! It makes me all broody again (but I mustn't have any more!)

    Love your frog too, very amusing!