Tuesday, July 08, 2008


It is time to give a glimps of the nursery. It is painted completely white and I added some red and white points of attention.

The boys both made a painting for the nursery so I hanged them with some red and white polka dots ribbon. Nic made a toadstool and Peter painted more abstract.

This is the crib all our chlindren slept in, so it is made ready for the wee one. And again, red and white.

The commode is white and blue but again, I added the red details. I love this red and white toadstool lamp that I bought in Antwerp, it is great. the boys also love it and it gives a nice glow at night. No regrets on that buy. The little fabric bag and shoes are form ´Blij als mij´. Check out this lady´s website, she makes lovely stuff.

So I think we are ready for the baby, will keep you all updated on the events that are coming.


  1. What a lovely nursery it has become! The paintings from the others kids are great.

  2. It looks beautiful. The pictures are a lovely touch and that crib is absolutely gorgeous.


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