Sunday, July 13, 2008

May I introduce to you: Ruben

Well, here he is... Peter and Nic meet their new brother Ruben for the first time. Ruben is born on wednesday afternoon at 5.39 pm and weighted 3575 g and is 51,5 cm.
Everything went very well and there were no complications, so everything is well with us. The boys were a bit dissapointed that they didn´t get a little sister, but also like their little brother.
This is Ruben on a a quilt that I made earlier and I think they are great boy colors. I also am making on with a dutch theme, red and blue to match Ruben´s nursery.
Yesterday, all the new mums on the maternity ward of the hospital got a piece of cake with the name of their baby. A very nice gesture of the hospital, espcially since they keep you on a low sugar diet in hospital.
So yesterday the doctor told us that we could go home today, but this afternoon the pediatrician thought that Ruben was to ´yellowish´ and wanted him under the lamps. SO They did a blood check, but everything was fine and we could leave hospital around 4.00 pm. So we are very glad to be back home, even though I could craft very well in hospital, but I am also very glad to be back home with my ´men´.


  1. Congratulations on the birth of Ruben! Nice name, was also on our list, but we had two girls.... Enjoy this precious time.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Margy and family :)

    And welcome to the world little Ruben. He's a little cutie for sure, and I love his name.

    Now I can think about a little something baby boy related to go along with your Russian Doll swap item :)

    Glad all went well.


  3. Congratulations Margy! He is soo sweet. I love the name too!

    I guess you get to keep the doll I made for you then! ;-)

  4. Awwwwwww congratulations Margy!
    He is absolutely adorable. Ruben is a lovely lovely name.
    I'm sure he will love his new nursery as much as his quilt.

    Look after yourself, lots of rest for you!

  5. goodness me you've time for crafting? i was like a zombie for ages after the births of my children!
    welcome to the world Ruben - he's gorgeous x

  6. welcome Ruben! he is so cute!well done:)


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