Saturday, September 13, 2008

Painting the house

First off all, I will end the sign up for the cupcake swap on Friday September 19th. The send out date will be October 27th. Iwill contact all the participants again about this information once I assign swap partners.
This is what we have been doing this morning. After Nic came back from swimming class, he joined my dad and me in painting the outside of the house. Since the kids have a play house in the garden, I let them paint their own house. This is Nic painting the house.
Me painting the doors that lead to the pond where three turtels live.
My dad painting the windows of the guestroom.
Peter painting the 'legs' of the play house.
At the moment the weather turned so we are all indoors again and the boys are playing with their playmobil, so I will start finishing that binding of Ruben´s quilt.

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