Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pirate cookie cutter - update

I saw this cookie cutter on a UK website, but it is out of stock. Does anybody know were I can buy one of these without rediculous shipping costs. Found a website in the states and they asked 32 dollars shipping costs, a bit steep for an order of 6 dollars... Or maybe someone is willing to send me one in exchange for something from Belgium, that is also a possibility. I have found a dutch webshop called De leukste TaartenShop that sells the cookie cutter and I have ordered it together with some icing and stuff to try and make 'spiderman' cupcakes for my eldest son.

I envy all you Americans that you can buy all those lovely cake moults and cupcake decorations.
Luckily, I managed two times to get a Williams Sonoma cake moult out of the States. The DH of a lady I work with brought them with him when he was in the States on a business trip. Imagine him when he asked for a train shaped cake moult... But I am very thankful that he wanted to do this for me, since the moults are quite heavy, so shipping is expensive.
So now my sons have the coolest cakes in school.


  1. Margy,
    Not sure if this information will be of any help but I'm passing it on anyway. The Pirate cookie cutter is actually sold by a company called Staedter in Germany. You can see it on their website at

  2. That is such an awesome cookie cutter! what's the website address where you saw it in the states?

  3. Margy,
    It's me again. I looked on German Ebay (
    and found the cutter you are looking for listed several times. You can do a search for item 200254067786 and find it for sale (not bid)and the seller will ship anywhere in Europe for 4 euros. Also item 150292082099 is another skull and crossbones that is very similar and the seller ships anywhere if you contact him.

  4. Thanks for the info, the german site is only for wholesale I think, because there are no prizes mentioned. And I will have a look on ebay, the american site I will try to find again, I didn´t make a bookmark, will try to find it.

  5. Which UK website was it Margy?
    I can keep checking for you or search elsewhere over here.
    Email me it if you want to.

  6. The UK store was
    Sorry that I haven´t mailed you but I can´t seem to find your email address.

  7. Hi Margy...
    I was actually inerested in getting this cutter for my sons bday party and was wondering if you have ever used it and how they turned the peices stay together?!?!? Thanx

  8. just curious as i too am after the same cookie cutter for my sons birthday party.... did you end up getting one and from where as i have looked at all the posts showing places on where to get it but i cannot find it anywhere :-(


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