Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recipy quiche

I saw that someone asked for the recipy for the quiche, no problem. But I will be honest, there is not a real recipy that I use. I just cut up leak, don´t ask me how much. I don´t know, I buy them in a bundle and that is what I cut up. Fry some cut up onions and add the leak and fry until cooked, add some diced ham or bacon and put aside.
Then I take a pre-prepared piece of (Is it called ...) puff dough (I buy it in the store), I know... very bad, but I think it is too much work for a working mum, but if you know how to make it, make it fresh, that will be even tastier.

Once the dough is in the spring mold, I add some bread crums to soak any moisture, then you add the leak mixture (make sure that you drain excess fluids...).

then I make a mixture of 250 ml cream , 6 eggs, 250 g cheese and herbs, add whatever you fancy, I add salt, pepper, nutmeg, and paprikapowder, but that is whatever you like. I pour this over the leak and make sure that it mixes well in the whole quiche. I don´t put the cheese on top, because it didn´t work out for me, so know I add it in the cream mixture and it spreads in the whole quiche.

Back it in the oven on 180 degrees for about 40 to 45 minutes. That is it, hope this works out for you.

But while I was looking for what a mold was called, I came across these, aren´t they wonderful? I just looked for a pumpkin pie recipy on the web, because I bought some pumpkin on the market. These would make lovely decorations. Too bad Williams Sonoma doesn´t ship to Europe, they look fantastic. If I would go to the States I would have to bring a very big wallet...

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  1. I love those cutters soooooooo much! How perfect are they for this time of year?


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