Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Camille... the story continues

This afternoon we set Camille free in our backyard. We made him a nice dry place between our firewood with leaves and hay.
Within an hour Nic came inside and said Camille was in the open yard, which sounded strange, but when I checked Nic was right. I picked him up and saw that there were a bunch of flies on his back, when I waved them away, I say that there were fly eggs on his back.
So I called a friend that is a vet but I couldn´t reach him, so his girlfriend told me to pick all the eggs off with a pincet. So I did, took me quite a while, and I also saw that there were two ticks on his back and I couldn´t find me thick 'remover' tool.
When the vet called back he told me I could come over and he would check if the hedgehog was healthy. So I went over and he praised my egg removal action because he could only find a few leftover eggs. He also had a very handy tool to remove ticks so I bought this from him, it looks like a small crowbar.
He told me to check everyday if there are leftover eggs and ticks and he sprayed Camille with a product to repells flies. He also told me that he is quite light so we will have to feed him so more to get him fattened up before winter.
Oh, and it is a boy, we checked...

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