Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Look what arrived!

Look what the mailman brought this morning... He was laughing because the package was addressed to Margy & boys, and he had never seen that.

The box was quickly opened and all the goodies where thoroughly checked out. The boys loved all the pirate stuff. Thanks for a great swap Jill.
But the big finale came with the hand made treasure map. They just love it. Peter went to bed with it instead of his bear. They just love the treasure map and it looks fabulous.


  1. oh wow - how cool!!!!

  2. I'm so glad they liked the pirate book and package. I was disappointed that I couldn't include a second book called Pirates Don't Change Diapers. I ordered it for your boys but it was back ordered and just arrived this week. Thanks for being a great swap partner! We loved the package!


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