Friday, October 03, 2008


I managed to order this little fellow from Blij als mij, a very cute webshop and this lady also has a great blog. I think this little hedgehog is adorable.

Yesterday when I drove back from vsting a friend, this little guy was sitting in the middel of a very busy stree eating on a bit of road kill. Since we are allowed to drive 70 km/h here in most streets... he didn´t have much of a change. We have a lot of hedgehogs killed on roads.
So I stopped the car on a safe space and got him of the street, brought him home to show the kids (they have never seen a live one up close). We fed him so catfood and water and he is now safe in a big box with a lot of leaves and straw.
We will feed him well and built him a nicehome in our garden and release him in our garden. I want to built him a good shelter beacuse there are a lot of cats and dogs around us and he read that they are an easy prey fro them, so I will have to built him something that keeps him safe this winter when he starts hibernating.
Nic is very proud of his hedgehog and wants to call him Camille... That is a dinosaur from a popular TV shop overhere...


  1. ohhhhh, he's so cute!!!! You're so good to rescue him from being flattened!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww!
    I too have never seen a hedgehog up close.
    They are adorable.

  3. what a sweetheart you are to rescue the prickly little guy!

    word of warning though - fleas hopping with them usually!

  4. ohhh, what a cute little hedgie! I wish we could have one for a pet but they are illegal here in Arizona.

  5. Here it is also illegal to have them as pets, but I don´t intend to keep him, but at the moment the vet asked if we could take care of him and release him again. So we have to weigh him every day because he is not fat enough to go into hibernation according to the vet.
    Hope the little fellow makes it.


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