Friday, October 10, 2008

RIP Camille

Unfortunetaly, Camille didn´t make it. Yesterday he was weak and didn´t want to eat so we saw it coming. We placed a warm water bottle with a tick layer of hay in a his box an dhe crawled on top of the warm water bottle and there he stayed all day. I tried to feed him some cat food but he didn´t want to eat, and as the day progressed he got weaker.
So last night we kept the heating on high so he was warm, we changed the bottle once more, but you could see that he was slipping away.
And this morning we found him in his box. I will bury him in the garden later this morning.


  1. Poor Camille. I hope the children are ok and not too upset with it all. At least he died somewhere warm and not on the road like so many of his friends. :(

  2. Oh how sad, RIP Camille x

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. Poor little hedgehog.

  4. I'm sooo sorry to hear about Camille! It's nice that your children had a good experience with him while he was with you. He was a beautiful little hedgie!

  5. oh poor camille but at least he was warm and cared for at the end.

  6. Aww poor Camille.


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