Friday, October 10, 2008

'Dutch' Cupboards

When I was decorating Ruben´s nursery, I asked my dad to make some 'dutch'themed cupboards. So we did some research, dissappered in his atelier and started working. This is my dad making a window for the cupboard.
And this is the result:
Three small cupboards in the shaped of old Dutch grain houses. I think they are wonderful and I can´t thank him enough. This will be something that will be treasured in our family.


  1. oh my - they are amazing! What a talented dad you have!

  2. Those are just adorable. You are lucky you dad can make great stuff like that.

  3. Verry pretty and real Dutch!

  4. Wow those are amazing! You're so lucky!

  5. wow those cupboards are fabulous - well done Dad!


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