Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ruben´s quilt & weekend

Last weekend, we went to the zoo in Rotterdam, called Blijdorp, with Niel´s cousin and her family. She has two wonderful daughters. The first thing the kids could get into was a nest of a weaver bird...
And then some turtle eggs...
Blijdorp is a great zoo, it is quite large, for dutch and belgian standards, and they have a very big playground, so no complaints from our kids. However, they were exhausted and never noticed that we drove back home.

I also promised a pic of the quilt Imade for Ruben. I only have to make a label and then it will be officially finished, but you can get a tast of the 'dutch'theme of his room.
At the moment the weather is very chilly and wet. It rains and we have gusts of wind, not nice, good weather to craft indoors.


  1. WOW! the quilt is amazing! I love those cute dutch fabrics!

  2. What cool interactive exhibits at the zoo. I'd even like to climb in there to check them out. Of course that would probably cause quite a spectacle when I got stuck!
    The quilt is beautiful!


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